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About Cherbourg, Guide and Tourist Attractions
(Cherbourg, Normandy, France)

Cherbourg is a popular gateway to the beautiful region of Normandy and is home to an important naval base, a busy commercial fishing port and a yachting marina.

The town welcomes tourists from around the world to its sandy beaches and stunning countryside.

What to do in Cherbourg

During the summer, festivals run regularly in the Plage Verte Park with the impressive Napoleon Monument located at the entrance. Visitors can stroll along the walkways by the marina out to the end of the Port de Plaisance where the boats come in and out. The Cotentin coastline also provides many activities such as sea kayaking, wind-carting, skydiving and windsurfing.

The city centre offers a perfect mixture of architectural styles including grand designs by Queen Mathilde, Vauban and Napoleon as well as other Art Deco pieces. Church lovers should visit the bell tower of St Martin of Octeville.

The fortress Fort de Roule in the old part of town offers fantastic views of the town as well as housing the Musée de la Libération. Those interested in astronomy should stop by Ludiver Observatory and Planetarium, which boasts an outstanding virtual guide to the universe. Also visit La Cité de la Mer, a remarkable aquarium with a 45-minute audio-guided tour of the Redoutable nuclear submarine. The aquarium also features giant fish tanks containing jellyfish, seahorses and squid and the story of underwater exploration.

Tourist Attractions

Cherbourg's centre is surprisingly green with many beautiful parks and gardens. The most notable is the Emmanuel Liais, with an oasis and over 400 rare plants and trees. Adjacent to the garden is the famous Museum du Parc Liais, where you can learn more about the species of fauna and flora.

If you have a car, driving to other places nearby is very rewarding. Only a short drive from the city of Cherbourg will lead you to the charms of the countryside. The Ravelet Château in Tourlaville is built in the Renaissance style and houses a huge park and ponds. Mont St Michel, a World Heritage site, is another interesting destination while Benedictine Abbey, perched on the top of a rocky islet, offers magical sights of the sea.

The city's best restaurants are located around the port and the Place de Verdun. Cherbourg market is held in front of the theatre every Tuesday and Sunday morning.

Cherbourg Port

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